Hello and welcome to my site. I'm Debbie, a Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach based in Sale, Cheshire.

I'm passionate about food and health and truly believe that we are meant to feel great, stay healthy and live long and successful lives. As a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist I work with a range of clients who are looking for support and guidance on a variety of symptoms including weight loss, fatigue, digestive complaints and hormonal balancing. I love watching the transformation! I enjoy helping others make positive and effective changes to achieve a diet that is right for their body and gain back the health that they have seen diminish over time.

As individuals we are all unique and our bodies have unique dietary needs. Working together we'll establish whether your diet is right for your body, or if it's to blame, in part, for ill health. I'll create an achievable, tailored nutrition plan to incorporate successfully into your everyday life. You'll feel amazing, have optimum health and rediscover a new zest for life.

The popularity  and success of my weight loss programme has meant I now offer group based sessions as a Zest4life practitioner.

See what Nicola has to say about my Zest4Life programme

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I'm able to offer a variety of ways we can work together including face to face consultations, telephone or video appointments and email support.

I also work with companies by delivering  a corporate wellbeing programme to  reduce levels of staff sickness and improve productivity and morale - click here for more information.

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