Hi, I’m Debbie – a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach (Dip NT, BANT,CNHC). 

I specialise in female health and weight loss. Since graduating in 2012, I’ve helped 100’s of clients to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. 

I’m passionate about female health, digestive health and weight loss with a very successful practice in supporting clients on their journeys. Having struggled with weight gain from a young age with an emotional connection to food, I know only too well the difficulties in successfully changing habits and knowing what to eat without reverting to fad diets or low calorie models (which in turn can create further imbalances and cravings for high carbohydrate foods).

I teach my clients how to balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats and provide a  freedom with food that they have not found before. The enjoyment of food is paramount to me and being free from constraints of good and bad foods is what my clients advise as the most powerful experience of all. Weight loss is NOT a diet; it is an education of what and how to eat for freedom and fun. You won’t feel hungry and you’ll be able to enjoy life, food and adventures with energy and a Zest4Life.

My Story

I grew up without a mother figure in the kitchen and meals were usually frozen and highly processed. As a teenager I developed an emotional connection with sugary foods. As the weight piled on I dieted and cut out certain food groups. This only led to more cravings and I found myself stuck in a binge/purge cycle that was hard to break free from. Sound familiar?

In my twenties I started life as an operational manager for a blue chip company. This led to my greatest passion of all - coaching and supporting people. I loved my job but I found corporate working was difficult whilst trying to raise a young family. Stressed, time poor and with no time for looking after myself, I decided to study nutrition with a view to helping as many people as I could.

Working, studying and looking after two young children had a massive impact on me. I was burnt out but ignored the signs and symptoms. I was eventually diagnosed with adrenal fatigue (commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and an immune disorder called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. My thyroid was under attack from my immune system leaving me unbalanced, fatigued, foggy brained and fighting weight gain. 

My knowledge of functional testing and hormones supported me when dealing with doctors, specialists and endocrinologist appointments over a 4 year period. At times I felt lost, scared and alone but I had a nutritional business that was going from strength to strength and two amazing children who relied on me. I fought my way back to health and I’ve successfully managed my condition using my knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle medicine. 

In 2018 I continued to develop my nutritional qualifications and successfully completed my Functional Medicine Certification in the Application of Functional Medicine. I worked alongside GP’s, consultants and nutritional therapists to deliver a framework that took into consideration the uniqueness of each individual in the treatment of symptoms, disease and chronic ill health. 

Working with me

My personal experiences have led to my passion for female health and weight loss. I’m able to understand my clients on a deeper level and support them on their journey back to good health.

I work with you as an individual to create solutions tailored to your needs. I’m committed to getting results through support and education. I provide a safe environment to listen and understand your personal goals and I use coaching to motivate and inspire you to change. 


I was 9 months into being a new mother, breast feeding, sleep deprived and continually eating cake. I had already put on weight prior to being pregnant and since the birth of my daughter my dress size increased by 4. I felt exhausted and I had lost all enthusiasm for any exercise (when once I had done 10K runs and 10mile bike rides). My husband suffered from severe gastritis, high blood pressure at the age of 35 and irritable bowel. We cycled through chronic sleep deprivation, eating take-aways, drinking beer with every meal and a bottle of wine on occasional weekends. We could only blame so much on being new parents and we knew that to avoid our daughter becoming obese, we had to tackle our own weight problem.

That’s when we found Debbie and she was fantastic. My husband and I are both doctors and we thought we knew what healthy eating was, however this has been an educational journey. Debbie not only helped us lose the weight but coached us back into a positive view of life and taught us how to eat healthy for life! I lost over a stone in weight and my husband lost 2 stones. Zest for Life is not a diet, it’s about controlling blood sugar with the right foods. We did not fast, we did not starve ourselves and we still enjoy our food today. We discovered fabulous new and healthy recipes like lemon cheesecake! Thanks to her help, we are no longer chronically tired, we have lots more energy, we are happier and we are exercising again (and enjoying it!).

As two doctors who thought they knew everything about healthy eating, I would definitely recommend Debbie.
— Shama & Gavin


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