With over 15 years experience in the Human Resources division of a global financial company, I have seen first-hand the importance of good health and wellbeing at work. Absenteeism can have detrimental effects on productivity and production not least the extra strain on the staff who carry the burden.

More businesses are recognizing the importance of their staff’s health and wellbeing at work and are investing in workplace health services that contribute to a happier and more productive work place. When employees are eating well, stress levels decrease and productivity increases. Following the right diet helps concentration, increases energy and improves mood and morale.

 I can deliver a programme to educate your staff on how changing their diet can improve their everyday life. I have developed bespoke corporate wellbeing programmes with results that range from individual health benefits to a reduction in absence from short term and long term sickness margins.

Effective and popular presentations include:

  • Create more energy during the day and avoid the afternoon dip

  • Cope with stress better and counteract its negative effects on health

  • Have more balanced moods throughout the day

  • Improve your concentration at work and develop a better memory

Bespoke wellbeing at work programmes are available on request. Contact me for more information or send me a message using the below button