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Hello All!
As some of you may know, Its been an eventful couple of months for me with a variety of exciting projects on the go for Autumn and Winter months (can you believe its nearly October!). One of the projects that I am thrilled to be collaborating on is a new and very unique cookery school in Didsbury called Food Sorcery. Their ethos is bringing cooking to all in a fun and friendly environment. No matter how much or how little you know about cooking, it really doesn’t matter as they have a range of cookery courses for everyone.   
Where do I fit into this? As a Nutritional Therapist, the ability to bring my passion for wellness and solutions to specific health complaints to Didsbury is one that I couldn’t turn down, especially working in such a fun and friendly environment with an inspiring team.
I have had lots of enquiries as to the content of the workshops and which would be suitable for specific health concerns so I thought this weeks blog would be a good way to provide you with an outline of each course so you can get yourself booked on and ready to tackle those health concerns with support.
Anti- Ageing from the Inside Out: Tuesday 6th December 10am – 2pm

Anti-Ageing is a term that we hear all the time and usually the things that spring to mind are cosmetic treatments, anti-ageing creams and all things topical.
But what if I told you that the true secret to anti-ageing was from how you nourish your body from the inside?
In this seminar we will be taking a deep dive into what effects the ageing process on a cellular level to get you feeling great and looking great at any age. Focusing on nutrition and lifestyle choices is the underlying theme as we take a look at anti-oxidants, free radicals, skin health and the foods that harm and those that heal. Knowing the foods to avoid and the foods that support the ageing process providing the nourishment you need to look and feeling your best is the theme.
As this workshop is 10 am – 2 pm, we will be cooking an anti-ageing lunch to be enjoyed as we have a discussion about all your specific ageing questions. A one-week meal planner is also provided to get you started on your journey to glowing health!
Fat, Fuzzy and Frazzled: Tuesday 29th November 10am – 2pm

The clue is in the title on this one! This workshop is one not to be missed for those who are struggling with hormones. If you are feeling below par and experiencing re-occurring hormonal symptoms and truly want to start feeling more like your old self then this is for you.
In this workshop, we will be discussing the endocrine system and the three main hormones that create symptoms and issues if not working correctly: Thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones. We will be looking closely at signs and symptoms of imbalance, defining which endro-type you are and how to balance hormones for optimum health. This workshop is suitable for those who suffer with anxiety, depression, PMS, low energy, cognitive impairment, PCOS and menopausal women. I have many clients who have enjoyed this course who don’t have specific endocrine symptoms but just want to feel more balanced.
As this workshop is 10am – 2pm, we will be making a hormone balancing lunch with the opportunity to talk through your specific health concerns to get you on the road to getting back to your best. A one-week meal planner is provided to get you started to balanced hormones!
How to Boost Your Immunity! Thursday 24th November 10am – 2pm

If you suffer with re-occurring illness throughout the year and looking to try and reduce the usual run of the mill winter bugs then this workshop is the one for you. Your immune system is vital in protecting you not only against re-occurring viruses but to also support your ability to reduce the risk of chronic health complaints and illness’s for future health.
In this workshop, we will be discussing the signs and symptoms of a weakened immune system, the nutrients needed to support a healthier and more robust immune system and reviewing the foods that weaken and stress out your body to create chronic inflammation.
If you have a chronic health issue, including autoimmune issues then this is a great workshop to start cleaning up your diet and reaping the benefits.
As this workshop is 10am – 2pm, we will be making an immune boosting lunch with the opportunity to talk through your specific health concerns to get you on the road back to your best. A one-week planner is provided to get you a stronger immune system.
FREE Seminar: The secret to weight loss and energy: Tuesday 22nd November 7pm – 8pm
I love free seminars, as it’s a great way to understand how nutrition plays such a vital part to overall health and longevity and a great way for me to meet you guys in an informal and fun environment!
In this particular seminar we will be focusing on how to lose weight and look and feel great! If you suffer with low energy, reduced sleep quality, weight issues, hormonal problems or just don’t feel your best then this seminar is for you. I will break down the issues with a modern day diet and provide you with a solution that is easy to achieve and has amazing results!
All of these workshops and seminars will be run at The Food Sorcery, Didsbury. See to book.  As always, more than happy to chat through your needs with you so feel free to ring 07894 111 433.
Happy Autumn All!
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Group Weight Loss Coaching Programmes run for 8 weeks. Group programmes cover all the elements of 1:1 coaching but in a fun, inspiring environment with like-minded people looking for the same solution.
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