When I first came to see Debbie, I wanted to lose some weight having attempted a number of diets including Slimming World, Atkins and the 5:2. What followed from the first meeting to the last was a re-education about nutrition encompassing how life and the pressures we encounter affect our bodies and our minds. In a short space of time, Debbie’s expertise has guided me to not only lose weight and lower my body fat levels significantly but also implement lifestyle changes which in the long term will help me stay fit, healthy and more energised!
Thank you Debbie for all of your help. You have opened my eyes to a healthier and happier way of living!”
— Chris, Manchester

I can’t thank Debbie enough for her help and guidance during my time working with her to improve my health
and well-being. She is warm and incredibly supportive and made me feel at ease from the moment we met.
Debbie has such a passion to help others and a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, how the body processes
food , supplements and so much more. We worked together each week , weigh in , food diaries and she gave me small but effective tasks to complete weekly. I enjoyed the structure and the opportunity each week to discuss how I was feeling, what worked, what didnʼt and nothing was off limits. We covered everything so she had a clear understanding of how I felt each week and she would use this to help guide me. I came to Debbie with a host of health issues , Thyroid, ME , Menopausal, pre-diabetic, BMI extremely high , low self esteem and the heaviest Iʼve been in my life. At the end of my time with Debbie I dropped two dress sizes , reduced my blood sugars back into a normal
range , reduced my body fat , increased my water intake and my general well-being improved. My skin looks fresh
and clear, Iʼve more energy, sleeping better and Iʼve had several compliments too! I feel better on the inside as well the outside , I would highly recommend Debbieʼs services they h$ve been life changing in so many ways. Thank You Debbie youʼve been inspirational!!
— Bev

“I’d tried everything to lose weight over the years, including all the normal diets - nothing seemed to work. My GP told me I was sensitive to fibre and had chronic IBS. As the years rolled by I seemed to be going onto more and more tablets - my husband said it was like living in a pharmacy! Last July the arthritis in my knees took a turn for the worse after I twisted my knee at work. I was off work for weeks and watched with dismay as my weight just kept on increasing as I struggled to do any sort of exercise. I was referred to a private knee specialist who said I was too young for a knee replacement and needed to focus on losing weight to reduce the pressure on the joints. At this point I was getting really low and depressed and could see me ending up having to give up work - all before I’m 50! My husband spotted Debbie’s webpage and sent an email to see if she thought she could help. A few weeks later I was in Debbie’s consulting room pouring my heart out. I was very dubious at first especially after she told me I probably didn’t have IBS at all and to forget all the dietary advice I’d previously been given. I decided to give it a go (what did I have to lose?) and after the first week when I lost 9lb I realised this might actually work. 8 weeks later I’m down 25lb and have stopped taking more or less all the tablets I was previously on and on a reduced dose on the rest. Without Debbie I couldn’t have done this, she kept me going, so supportive and friendly. Her energy is infectious and rubs off on you. She was right about the IBS and sensitivity to fibre, I don’t have either! I’m now looking forward to heading off to Paris in a few weeks to celebrate my daughters 21st which previously would have been difficult to cope with given the level of walking involved.
— Penny

After struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember and feeling like I was constantly trying to do something about it but seeming to always fail, I was getting heavier and heavier. I was desperate to lose weight but just had no motivation to do so and honestly felt like it was never going to happen and that I’d just be like this forever. Every time I tried to do something about my weight I gave myself the excuse that I wasn’t ready to commit to it and that it wasn’t the right time. After signing up for the 8 week programme with Debbie I still didn’t feel ready to start, but after the first session I was just so motivated and it just changed everything! It was such a nice feeling to step on the scales and know that the hard work had paid off, and then to have the hour to talk about food ideas and recipes that have worked for everyone. I only really joined to lose weight but found that within a couple of weeks I was sleeping much better, had more energy and my skin was the best it has ever been. I found that for the first time I was truly in control of my anxiety and I wasn’t being controlled by it and I felt like myself again. I found it so interesting every week to be not only changing in such a way, but then to be discovering the reasons behind these changes and what I can continue to do to stay on such a positive path through my diet and the effects of what I was putting into my body. The support from Debbie was ongoing and it was so comforting to know that she was only an email away if I needed any motivation or help with anything. In this time I lost nearly 2 stone and my life style has changed in such a positive way. I’ve still had a few bad days and treated myself now and again but it has been refreshing to learn how to come back from falls like that and back on track with my new lifestyle. I still have more weight to lose but it is so lovely to be in a situation where I just know it will happen, since the first session it hasn’t even crossed my mind that it won’t happen. Everything is so different now and I truly do not believe I could have got to this point any other way, I’m now very excited for the future.
— Beth

Having had fertility problems for nearly ten years, and having exhausted all the conventional medical routes, I was looking for an alternative solution to managing my fertility and overall health. As a sufferer of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) I had read a lot about the condition and the possibility that diet could have a positive impact on it, however, I didn’t know how to put this into practice. After doing some research online I decided to contact Debbie and I was glad I did. From the start Debbie made my ambition of regulating my cycles and improving my overall health sound achievable. She recommended the Zest4Life programme that would help me regulate my blood sugar levels and in turn regulate my cycles; slightly more complex than that but I’ll leave the science to Debbie! I felt confident in the advice Debbie gave me as she not only told me what I needed to do but also why; backed up with scientific evidence and experience from within her own practice. Her support ranged from, recommending specific vitamins, to providing recipes, which even took into consideration my own food aversions! She doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach and truly listens to you, to make sure the advice she provides is specific to you. The results I have experienced have been beyond my wildest expectations. Within 6 months of following the plan my cycles had begun to regulate and after a further 3 months I had become pregnant! Never has it been more clear to me that diet has a huge role to play in our overall health and particularly is important when trying to deal with a specific issue. Debbie helped me to see this but in an entirely non-judgmental and supportive way and I can’t thank her or recommend her highly enough.
— Claire

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After having my second child and struggling to lose my pregnancy weight I contacted Debbie and started on the Zest for Life plan. I was a little worried at the start about what food I would be able to eat on the plan but took it a day at a time to start with. 8 weeks later I have lost 16lb and 3.5 inches from my waist. Debbie was very supportive throughout the whole process, helping to keep me motivated, providing recipe ideas and explain things along the way. Really glad that I found Debbie and I would recommend to anyone wanting to lose some weight
— Charlotte

I approached Debbie after years of stringent exercise and eating what I thought were the right foods. I have struggled with body image and weight the majority of my life and the lack of success in achieving the body I desired provided huge psychological turmoil. Despite other areas of my life being very challenging, behind all of this lay these issues surrounding my weight and body. It was, in effect, running my life. I wanted to lose a little weight, but above this I wanted release from the mental torment.

My first session with Debbie was extremely revealing and very emotional. In a nutshell, it turned out I had not been eating enough and over exercising! A revelation really as it turned my common perceptions inside out. Despite my anxiety, I knew I had to trust the process Debbie encouraged. The changes in a very short space of time were incredible and quietly liberating. Suddenly friends and colleagues were noticing a change, which helped a lot. My issues with body image are still there but I know now I can enjoy my food and even treat myself because Debbie’s guiding principles are always there. I feel more in control which is great in itself. Seeing Debbie has been a hugely rewarding experience. Her advice, support, care and friendship have been immeasurable. I recommend her highly.
— Sarah

I began my journey with Debbie at almost 13 stone having been recommended to her by a colleague who looked amazing as a result of spending time with her. I was out of control with my eating and this was manifesting itself in equally out of control health readings. My job was extremely demanding from a time perspective and I couldn’t see how I could change things. Then I set up a meeting with Debbie. She is more than a Nutritionist, she is also a fantastic motivator and counsellor. 

I suffered a Retinal Vein Occlusion, which for those of you like me who hadn’t heard of this, it is basically a clot behind the eye which causes severe loss of vision. The Doctors told me that as a Type 2 diabetic, it was extremely important for me to lose weight.  With Debbie’s very skillful help I followed the plan to the letter and lost two stone in around three months.  Debbie provides expert guidance on diet and exercise. Each week I gained further knowledge which increasingly enabled me to make the right food selections and one of the most incredible things was the gradual loss of cravings, which previously I wouldn’t have thought possible. 

Debbie increases your knowledge of foods and their effects on your body and for the first time in my life I’m now considering what I can eat to promote good health as opposed to simply how many calories are in a certain food and how much of it I can eat! There were occasions when in the supermarket I’d think to myself, what did Debbie say I should buy for perhaps a breakfast cereal or a spread and I’d simply text her and she’d reply with a photograph of what to look for. Nothing was ever too much trouble.

I now weigh 11 stone and at 5ft 3ins I’ve obviously some more weight to lose but I’m saying confidently, ‘when’ I lose the weight as opposed to ‘if’ I lose weight.  Probably the most exciting thing is that my sugar levels have fallen to pre diabetic levels and my blood pressure is well within the normal range.  

My practice nurse cannot believe I’ve achieved this in such a short space of time and wondered why other patients couldn’t be motivated to do this. A simple answer to this - they haven’t yet met Debbie!  I hope one day they do
— Sandra

I first approached Debbie as I wanted some help with my daughter, who had recently become vegetarian and also was experiencing anxiety about her weight and image in a very negative way.  Having seen several of her friends develop eating disorders I was keen to try to nip this in the bud. Debbie and I talked through what I perceived the issues to be over the phone and then she met with my daughter on her own to talk it through.  They then went on to have 6 sessions where they discussed nutrition and how that affected moods, stress and could help with tiredness especially around exam time.  During these sessions my daughter visibly began to gain more confidence and within the time she saw Debbie moved completely away from developing an eating disorder. My daughter told me that Debbie was lovely, kind and really understanding and she felt able to discuss anything with her. She also began to really understand how nutrition worked and also was helped to relax about food. I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough - it is some of the best money I have ever spent on my child as since these sessions she has really gained in confidence and we have no issues with food at all, in fact it’s helped us all as a family to think about what we eat in a sensible way
— Rebecca Boulton

Whilst recovering from cancer I decided I wanted to look at my diet to help my recovery and to eat the right foods that can help prevent cancer. I needed some guidance and advice so I looked on the Internet for reputable nutritionists. I immediately liked Debbie Gallimore’s profile and although she wasn’t in my area I was happy to travel to Sale. Debbie made me feel comfortable right from the start. She was friendly and enthusiastic yet extremely professional, she was very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. Debbie pointed me in the right direction to get me started for a cleaner healthier diet, this took a little getting used to at first but Debbie was most encouraging. She also recommended daily supplements to take to support my recovery, I still take these now which Debbie kindly orders for me at no financial benefit to herself. If I ever have a question Debbie always replies promptly to my emails. If you are looking for a nutritionist I would highly recommend that you contact Debbie
— Ginette Oliver

When I started my journey with zest my goal was to live a healthier lifestyle and to learn how to look after my body by eating the right kind of food. I also lost weight in the process which wasn’t the main goal for me but I am still very happy with what I have achieved. The sessions were so interesting and informative I have learned so much from them. Zest has changed and improved myself and my lifestyle; I don’t think I could have done it without the support from Debbie and the group!
— Kaylea Newall

I cannot believe I have waited this long to start enjoying good health. The only sadness I have is why I didn’t do anything sooner. This has been one of the most positive things I have ever done and I feel young and vibrant again! Thank you so much
— Jane

It was after a holiday to America that I decided to get healthy. Looking at photos of me, I didn’t recognise the overweight person staring back. I had put on weight gradually in the last year and I wanted to do something about it. I had previously embarked on the usual weight loss plan but found that it made me develop an unhealthy outlook with food and always resulted in the weight creeping back. Debbie immediately put me at ease and listened to me, addressing all my concerns. She made me believe in myself and encouraged me that food was to be enjoyed and not to feel overwhelmed with the choices available. Her easygoing nature rubbed off on me and I became more relaxed about food and empowered by the knowledge that I was making healthy choices. It did not feel like a diet but a way of life. Following a healthier lifestyle and Debbie’s 80/20 rule means that I can have the odd treat and not beat myself up over it. I have lost the majority of weight I set out to lose but I have also increased energy and feel that I love myself a little more. I wish I had done this years ago!
— Kate, Manchester