Rebalancing hormones for renewed vitality

Most women experience hormone imbalance at some stage in their lives. From the onset of menstrual cycle at adolescent, conception and pregnancy and later menopause, hormones change and adapt to support us through every stage of life.  We truly are fascinating creatures!

What happens when these finely balanced hormones become unbalanced? 

Adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones work in unison and use the same raw materials (nutrients) to function. So you can see how easy it is for hormones to become out of whack!

Stress, environment, nutritional status, lifestyle factors and genetics influence our hormonal expression and can alter function. 

You may have a hormonal imbalance if you suffer from:

  • Migraines

  • Fatigue

  • Hair loss 

  • Brittle nails/dry skin

  • Weight gain

  • Low mood/depression 

  • Low concentration/memory loss 

  • Loss of sex drive 

  • Irregular periods 

In other words, loss of vitality and enjoyment of life! It doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve helped hundreds of women get back to their best through my Happy Hormone Package

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Happy Hormone Package supports women diagnosed with:

  • PMS/PMD 

  • Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism

  • Hashimotos thyroiditis

  • Adrenal fatigue 

  • PCOS

  • Endometriosis 

  • Infertility 

  • Menopausal Phases & symptoms 

Happy Hormone Package Cost: £300
Your unique happy hormones package includes:

  • An initial 90 minute consultation to assess current symptoms, dietary model and lifestyle factors. 

  • A supportive nutrition and supplement plan (where applicable) to start working with.  Your nutritional plan will be tailored to your needs and lifestyle to make it easier to implement. 

  • Functional testing suggestions if required. 

  • Two 60 minute follow up consultations to assess symptoms and make any tweaks to your dietary and supplement plans  

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