Regain energy and lose weight without dieting

If you're looking to lose weight, regain energy and tackle unwanted symptoms, this package is for you.

Blood sugar balancing is key to weight loss and hormonal control. Throughout the programme I'll teach you how to eat to ensure that weight loss is a by-product of a healthy diet. Lifestyle coaching will help us to change ‘unhealthy’ habits to healthy sustainable changes.

My weight loss package has helped hundreds of women and men to regain control of unwanted weight and form healthy eating habits for a happy relationship with food. 


“I can’t thank Debbie enough for her help and guidance during my time working with her to improve my health
and well-being. She is warm and incredibly supportive and made me feel at ease from the moment we met. Debbie has such a passion to help others and a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, how the body processes food , supplements and so much more. We worked together each week , weigh in , food diaries and she gave me small but effective tasks to complete weekly. I enjoyed the structure and the opportunity each week to discuss how I was feeling, what worked, what didnʼt and nothing was off limits. We covered everything so she had a clear understanding of how I felt each week and she would use this to help guide me. I came to Debbie with a host of health issues , Thyroid, ME , Menopausal, pre-diabetic, BMI extremely high , low self esteem and the heaviest Iʼve been in my life. At the end of my time with Debbie I dropped two dress sizes , reduced my blood sugars back into a normal range , reduced my body fat , increased my water intake and my general well-being improved. My skin looks fresh and clear, Iʼve more energy, sleeping better and Iʼve had several compliments too! I feel better on the inside as well the outside , I would highly recommend Debbieʼs services they h$ve been life changing in so many ways. Thank You Debbie youʼve been inspirational!!”
— Bev


Your unique weight loss package includes: 

After an initial 20-minute free health call to assess your weight loss needs, we’ll agree the right length of the package for you. Packages start at 4 weeks. Your package will include:

  • Initial lifestyle and health profile review 

  • Weekly one-to-one consultations 

  • Weekly body composition analysis

  • All books and materials including dietary model, menu planning and lifestyle coaching materials

  • Email support throughout 

  • Nutritional topics 

  • Symptom review questionnaires throughout 

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It was after a holiday to America that I decided to get healthy. Looking at photos of me, I didn’t recognise the overweight person staring back. I had put on weight gradually in the last year and I wanted to do something about it. I had previously embarked on the usual weight loss plan but found that it made me develop an unhealthy outlook with food and always resulted in the weight creeping back. Debbie immediately put me at ease and listened to me, addressing all my concerns. She made me believe in myself and encouraged me that food was to be enjoyed and not to feel overwhelmed with the choices available. Her easy-going nature rubbed off on me and I became more relaxed about food and empowered by the knowledge that I was making healthy choices. It did not feel like a diet but a way of life. Following a healthier lifestyle and Debbie’s 80/20 rule means that I can have the odd treat and not beat myself up over it. I have lost the majority of weight I set out to lose but I have also increased energy and feel that I love myself a little more. I wish I had done this years ago!
— Kate