Group Weight Loss Sessions 

In addition to seeing clients on a one to one basis in my clinic, I also run group weight loss sessions as a  Zest4Life practitioner. 

Group weight loss programmes start every 10 weeks. I will lead you simply through the following areas that enable you to make positive changes to your weight, health and lifestyle, helping you get more out of life and ensuring the changes remain with you in the long run.  Using a range of different weight loss and life coaching tools, we look at goal setting, visioning, exercise, reward, creating time to succeed, emotional eating, managing stress, positive brain training, boosting motivation, improving self image, habits, and being prepared.  Not only will these help you lose weight but will help you feel inspired and enjoy life too!

What are the results?

Typically patients report significant improvements within 5 weeks in a range of areas such as weight loss, energy, blood sugar levels, mood, concentration, digestion, sleep, skin, body fat and cholesterol.

If you'd like to find out more about my weight loss group sessions contact me here or send me a message using the below button